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Most Bettors Lose Money So, How Can You Win your bet?

In sports betting, some individuals can forecast the result of sport matches and consistently win their bets, with few loses. Successful sports betting imply statistical studies of the historical performance of each team and a deep knowledge of the physical and moral levels of all people Happy Winner involved, the place and environment of the match, the weather, and many other variables. It is hard work and not available to everyone. Some of such experts in sports even sell their forecasts as tipsters for a fee. Unlike other kind of bets, sports betting depend more on skill, experience and knowledge than on luck. And this is the reason why some capable bettors can make a living out of betting. But if you are not one of those skilled individuals, you still can have your share of the pie using a proven tool that you can get Way to successful sports betting here


Good money can be earned by sports betting.

Here is how:

If you bet to your favorite team and following your emotions, you probably are going to end up as one of the many bettors who lose money and fatten their bookmaker profits. Successful betting should be regarded as investment, not gambling, ruling out the psychologic factors. Sport events should be studied as technical problems and chance factors excluded. It is not an easy feat. But you don't need to solve this problem yourself because a solution is already at hand for you. It is called The betting ZCode System ZCode System. Soccer betting It is a remarkable piece of Artificial Intelligence software. It was developed by a community of expert bettors, who are in the business since 1999, and a team of 21 programmers working for more that two years and costing more than $200,000 in salaries. It takes into account over 80 different parameters in every game such as player conditions, injuries, home or away team, past performance, trainers, and much more, all to calculate a very precise outcome. The result is something close to a wizard's crystal ball to see the future. And it gives you a really unfair advantage in sports betting.

ZCode not only looks for a winner in each match, but also on the "value" of the bet, that quality that renders the highest profits. This depends on who wins a match but also depends on the volume of bets placed for each contender. Taking this into account, ZCode picks are decided aiming at obtaining the biggest possible earnings.

If you find all this hard to believe, just take a look at the evidence of results, fully verified by third parties like Trustpilot, in the ZCode web. ZCode website. Net Profit
The ZCode System is a tool for investing in sports and, as such, should be considered as any other investing instrument: It is not a get rich in a few days scheme. The earnings come consistently in the long run, even if there are some days, or even weeks with some loses. The evolution of profits on a period of over six years is shown in the chart at left. The bankroll goes up and up and up, however, the curve shows some small and short down moves. Summarizing, it is a winning system, but losing days and even weeks do occur. Most novice sports bettors fail to understand the value of a long-term perspective. Long-term success is assured, in spite of occasional small loses. Consequently, the ZCode system should be used with the long-term in mind and not give up because of a losing day.

If you follow the system indications,


The ZCode system can be used for investing in a variety of sports in almost every developed country. Currently it offers picks, among others, on the following sport leagues:

Football Basketball Baseball Hockey World Soccer European Soccer League

But not only these. Other sports included are Tennis, Table Tennis, Rugby, Aussie Basketball, eSports, KHL, NCA, horse racing, golf and more. In soccer, ZCode analyzes and makes accurate forecasts for all the major European leagues, including those of UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Turkey and also some South American leagues. All those are very popular sports in which the bet volume is very high and also is high the earnings potential. And the fact that so many sports are included permits using ZCode for betting all the year around, no only in this or that season. It means that money can be earned at all times without interruption.

Zcode is offered as a subscription service for a monthly fee and the predictions are provided to subscribers about three hours before the games start, so you have time enough to place your bets at your bookmaker. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can cancel at any time. Moreover, they offer a 60 days money back guarantee for additional tranquillity. You can subscribe Way to successful sports betting here If you do, don't forget to download the several betting tools they offer at no charge as bonuses. Those are a valuable help for bettors that you could enjoy using.

How to be a Winner

01. Subscribe to the ZCode Club

02. Make bets following the ZCode System

03. Get your earnings

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